Project Nagoda

This Project involves initiating an agriculture programme, utilizing the church premises' available land to cultivate and yield crops. In addition to that, we have selected 100 families from the community to be a part of this who will grow their own crops in their premises. The proceeds from selling these crops will be dedicated to sustaining and fostering community development


What we hope to achieve – Cultivate community participation and engagement through agricultural pursuits.

To empower communities and encourage capacity building, we’ve distributed seed bags, enabling them to cultivate and harvest their crops. This initiative has paved the way for an additional income source, fostering self-sustainability.



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Crops selected

We’ve chosen Banana and Capsicum crops after thorough analysis and expert consultation. These selections are tailored to local conditions and boast substantial income-generation potential. Through involving the community in planting and nurturing these crops, we aim to establish a sustainable project that not only benefits individuals but uplifts the entire community

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We’ve chosen two distinct banana varieties for cultivation:

1. Ambung Banana

2. Kolikuttu Banana

Utilizing tissue culture plants and high-density planting techniques, we’re ensuring sustainable yields for the long term. In addition, our project includes cultivating “Hybrid Muria Capsicum” plants to achieve short-term results.

Our Achievements Thus Far

1. Distributed seed bags and planting equipment to empower communities in cultivating their crops.

2. Established a valuable connection with a local vendor, providing the community with a reliable income source through crop sales.

3. Utilized church premises’ land for large-scale crop cultivation, with proceeds allocated towards community needs and development.